About the New Dimensions Trilogy

About the New Dimensions Trilogy


The New Dimensions Trilogy is a book series that challenges the reader to look at their reality, their life, and their past in a whole new light. The series was partly inspired by writers such as Paulo Coelho and Dan Millman who follow the path of a hero who goes from a place of suffering and unconsciousness to a place of freedom and awareness. Taken from parts of my own life stories, dreams, and conversations with spiritual teachers, these three novels are meant to uplift and empower the reader as well as set them on the path towards true self-love and self-respect.

Originally I wrote Journey to the Heart without any thoughts of a sequel but a few readers came up to me and asked me what was going to happen to Lucina in the following book. They were so curious to see where she was going next that I decided to write the sequel New Dimensions of Being, which mapped her evolution in Oaxaca City from naive girl to wiser woman. At the end of the second book, I realized there were still many things unsaid and that is when Jaguar Dreams took life, the final novel in the series.

The three novels represent a three-step spiritual process. First we must learn to let go of the past and live in the moment, then we have to come to terms with our weaknesses and flaws and work on them, and finally we have to venture forth into the unknown to discover our authentic self and retrieve our personal power. Although these steps seem easy at first glance, they can be a very long process and Lucina is proof of this; she is determined to become a wiser person but she sees how painful and shattering this journey can be.

Perhaps the greatest inspiration for writing this spiritual trilogy remains my longing to see our generation become more respectful towards others around them and Mother Earth. I often worry about the present values that we are passing down to our younger generation in the fast-paced world we are living in. This trilogy is very much a wake-up call to return to nature, to simplicity,  and to our authentic selves.

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  • Linda Banks Posted January 19, 2014 3:51 pm

    I couldn’t put these books down! I spent a whole night finishing Journey to the Heart and then it followed me around all week, prompting me to make some much-needed changes in my love life and work life. It is subtle but powerful, it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Well-done! I can’t wait to read the last novel in this fine trilogy.

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