Edgar Cayce’s Prophecies of the Future

Edgar Cayce’s Prophecies of the Future


Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 in Kentucky, USA. His family were farmers and so he was raised very close to nature. As a boy, Cayce would often have visions while reading the Bible. It was evident early on that he had extraordinary gifts, such as being able to memorize entire books just by sleeping on them. At the age of 24, Cayce fell ill with a terrible throat illness and no one could help him. Going into a deep trance, he was able to “see” his illness and what treatments he needed to self-administer in order to heal. He recovered, and became a world-famous healer and seer. He is known today as the “Sleeping Prophet” because he would give predictions while in deep trance or sleep.

To this day, there are 14,306 predictions that Cayce made which are kept at the A.R.E in Virginia, the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Some of Cayce’s predictions include the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, the second world war, the advancement in medicine, and many predications to his daily visitors. Cayce’s ability to foresee the future, however, took a lot of energy from him and scholars say that this is what led to his death in January 3, 1945.

For the purpose of this blog, I would like to focus on his vision of the future of this world. His biggest prediction was that the Earth’s poles would shift. The whole world would be affected by this polar shift which he saw happening around the years 1998 or later. He saw that Japan would go under the ocean, that great floods would hit southeastern USA, and warned that the east coast would also be touched.

“Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation though, here, while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia- these will disappear,” he said in one prediction. Concerning Canada, much will be untouched, however, he warned of troubles in the West. For Northern Europe he predicated that everything would change, “In a twinkling of an eye”. In Cayce’s eyes, every major city near the ocean would disappear, and he mentioned Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City as being among these cities.

Cayce predicted that there would be great volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, mostly in the southern part of the hemisphere. From 1958 until 1998, the Earth would show great signs of these coming changes. The signs are all present, we just need to look at them, Cayce wrote.

Despite this dark vision of our future, Cayce always believed that we had the ability to turn the future around, that the future was not something written in stone. Like many prophets before him, Cayce stressed the importance of working with nature and showing compassion for all living things. Could we avoid the natural disasters? Perhaps not, but we had the intelligence to help nature and prepare ourselves for the shift.


  • Cynthia Snyder Posted July 10, 2013 4:07 pm

    Loved this post! Reminded me how I have to go back and study this great man again.

  • Linda Rhodes Posted September 25, 2012 11:00 pm

    I adored reading Cayce when I was growing up, his prophecies always struck me as very true-sounding. If this is true about our future, I am taking note… Just in case, you know! Thanks for your super writing skills and quick blogs, perfect for me!

  • Jeremy Posted September 25, 2012 5:19 pm

    Lovely writing and information, thanks Ms. Caron! We are excited to read your next novel as well, we adored your first one very much. I heard it will be coming out this year? You have fans in Georgia!

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