Nostradamus’ Prophecies of the End of the World

Nostradamus’ Prophecies of the End of the World


Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) was born in Saint-Rémy de Provence in France.  Nostradamus is famous for his knowledge of herbs and it is said that he invented a magical rose pill which protected people against the plague. In his later life, Nostradamus became known as a psychic and very famous people consulted him notably Catherine de Médicis, the Queen of France at the time. Many people have been fascinated by his famous prophecies which are difficult to understand because they are a mixture of languages and word play.

While writing his famous prophecies, Nostradamus is said to have entered a meditative trance in order to see into the future.  Scholars naturally edge away from claiming that he was a real “psyhcic” but for the purpose of this blog, I will join those who claim he was a prophet and psychic. The first important detail we should know about his predictions is that they do not end on the Mayan end date, December 21, 2012. Nostradamus says himself that his predictions start from the year 1555 and end in 3797. If you have watched the famous 2012 Hollywood movie in which we see the Earth being destroyed by earthquakes and floods, this is pretty much a good summary of Nostradamus’ predictions except he never stated the world would end in 2012.

If you have the patience and time, do read through his prophecies but be very patient with them: they are vague, ambivalent and often the only thing we understand from them are fascinating dream-like images. Nostradamus’ famous prediction concerns a huge European war which will leave great destruction and damage in its wake. He indicates the start of this war is 1999 and the end 2025.

Just before this war begins, “The republican schoolhouse will fall/ There, except for a few, they will be choked dead”,  says one of the quatrains. Scholars have interpreted this as meaning that the US government will fall and many will be killed. Shortly after this, Nostradamus predicts that Muslims shall invade Europe starting in the Mediterranean and going into Italy after. He goes on to describe that one leader shall unleash a nuclear bomb which will destroy many people in Europe.

The good news, though, is this:

“The human realm of Angelic offspring,
Will cause its realm to hold in peace and union:
War captive halfway inside its enclosure,
For a long time peace will be maintained for them”.

After all this destruction, predicts Nostradamus, shall come peace for a thousand years. Although some are still scratching their heads and wondering about these “angelic offspring”, others are just content to know that help is on the way and the future bright and peaceful.


  • Syvlia Posted March 14, 2012 6:43 pm

    I had no idea that Nostradamus had predicted a European war! I am so glad I live in Alberta. I hope his visions were NOT true because I have family in Italy. I will e-mail them this article just in case. Thank you Nora!

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