The Mayan View of 2012

The Mayan View of 2012


This year is a very important year for many cultures across the world hence the next few months I will write about important cultures and their prophecies of the “end of the world”. There is a lot of information circulating presently concerning 2012 and some of it has been misunderstood especially the Mayan perspective.  Out of all the civilizations that ever walked the earth which we have records of, I have the most respect for the Mayan civilization. When you study closely their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, they have an eerie advance on our modern-day sciences.

The Mayans did not see time the same way we do. They perceived time as cycles which they called katuns or cycles of 20 years. Each cycle had a specific energy or theme such as peace, destruction, deception, etc. These katuns repeated themselves over and over again throughout time and there were 13 katuns which repeated themselves every 260 years. Since 1993 we are in the fourth katun which is said to be a time when the Supreme Deity shall return to Earth and start a new era. What most writers forget to mention is the following information.

After 2012, we are entering katun 2. Here is where it gets interesting. The Mayans wrote that during katun 2, “For half there will be food, for others misfortunes. A time of the end of the word of God. A time for uniting for a cause.” So the Mayans did not view December 21, 2012 as the end of our world but rather as a drastic transformation towards a new era. What is interesting though is the depiction of this transformation.

In the last page of the famous “Dresden Codex”, one of the three surviving manuscripts of the Mayans to this date, we see something amazing. A large dragon pours forth water unto the earth, and a goddess also pours water over the earth. Water comes from the sun and moon symbols on top of the image, and at the bottom stands the God of the underworld with a staff pointing towards the water. Did the Mayans foresee through their precise astronomical vision that our world would see a tragic flood or tsunami that might destroy half of the population? Were they warning us to change our ways or suffer the wrath of the water dragon?

By the way, this might be just coincidence but we are entering the water dragon year according to the Chinese calendar… (Gulp)!


  • ingo Posted January 10, 2012 10:18 am

    Hmmm….water does seem to play an important part in this new year. Like water, the wisdom of the ancients ran deep and strong. Their survival depended on their understanding of natural and supernatural phenomena, and of their close observation of heaven and earth. Without the tools of modern science, they were able to see the distant planets and stars, and to understand the rhythms of the seasons.

    Each day always brings the end of the world for someone. Sometimes we die alone, and other times we die in groups. But for each of us, all prophecy is a reminder to LIVE.

    For no matter when the end comes, it is the time we have left that makes each day sacred. When death does arrive, it should resemble a well deserved sleep, at the end of a good days work.

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