The Power of the Water Snake Year

The Power of the Water Snake Year


According to the Mayans, we have now entered into Katun 2, a time in which, “For half there will be food, for others misfortunes. A time of the end of the word of God. A time for uniting for a cause” as I wrote in an earlier blog. For Nostradamus, we are right in the middle of a world war III which he predicted will end in 2025. The Christians believe that 144,000 people will survive the upcoming undated Apocalypse due to special seals on their forehead. Edgar Cayce thought that the earth would be violently destroyed by floods and earthquakes soon. The Hopi’s predicted that we will see our earth change rotation and completely reverse poles.

The Chinese do not speak of the end of the world. Rather they tell us that we are entering the year of the water snake. The snake, according to the Chinese, is graceful, analytical, and likes the finer things in life. People who are born in the year of the snake are usually very good in finances, are great philosophers and theologians, and can wiggle their way around effortlessly. The snake for the Chinese is the most enigmatic and wise of all signs.

Personally I have always loved snakes. In my first novel Journey to the Heart, Lucina is afraid of snakes. Teleo tells her that snakes are symbols of our sexuality but also our creative energy, that the two are linked hand in hand. When Lucina gets bitten by a coral snake and nearly dies, she realizes that she must stop repressing her sexual nature and make peace with it. By the end of the novel, she is able to face a snake in the jungle and thank it for its wisdom and clarity on her path. One of the central themes of my first novel is that sexuality should not be repressed but rather welcomed and tamed.

In Greek mythology, the caduceus was carried by Hermes and is a staff with two serpents intertwined. It symbolized commerce and balance. Myth says that one day Hermes saw two snakes fighting together and separated them with his staff, which later became his main symbol and strength. Today that symbol has become our medical sign. There are two snakes coiled around a staff with wings above, reminding us that true health comes with balance and in my belief a sense of freedom.

Water is another central theme in my first novel. Water is all about emotions and letting go and surrendering. For the Chinese, water is the most powerful of all elements. It can eat away at a rock with time, no other element can do that. The power of the water snake year is thus about balancing ourselves, being wiser, and surrendering to the great currents around us.

I wish everyone a Happy 2013!





  • Cynthia Snyder Posted July 10, 2013 4:06 pm

    What a year this is turning out to be! I feel indeed like I am constantly shedding skins, never knowing which foot to hop on. Love your writing style!

  • ingo Posted December 27, 2012 9:39 pm

    What a wonderful synthesis of different prophesies. Another interesting piece of info is that the native element of the snake is fire, which, although 2013 is the year of the black water snake (female or yin year) it still has as it’s basic element fire, so water over fire this year, which means things can change very quickly from stable to unstable, or the reverse, and also we should all bite our tongue when angry, as the snake tongue can make us say hurtful and cruel things to others. Try to be kind to strangers and loved ones alike, and get set for the exciting year of the black snake, spend some time in the ocean or lakes and streams, and may abundance be yours!

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