Veteran Actress Blaire Chandler, the New Dimensions Trilogy Narrator

Veteran Actress Blaire Chandler, the New Dimensions Trilogy Narrator

Great news! Homebound Publications has sealed an audio deal with veteran stage actress Blaire Chandler this month. Blaire shall be narrating the complete New Dimensions Trilogy with her rich and powerful voice.  Blaire is a member of The Actor’s Gang in Los Angeles which is artistically directed by Tim Robbins. She studied in New York at The Actors’ Studio, has won numerous acting awards including the LA Weekly Best Supporting Actress Award, the Cincinnati Critics Award, and the Cincinnati Enquirer Award for Best Supporting Actress. Recently she has been nominated for an LA Stage Alliance Award nomination for Best Actress in a play she just closed in June. Blaire is writing a documentary film right now and lives in LA with her husband actor David Wilcox and their two cats.

When I first heard Blaire’s voice reading Journey to the Heart, I got goosebumps up and down my arms. Her voice sounded like the voice I had been hearing in my mind while writing my three novels. What a huge coincidence! She has a way of bringing the listener through various emotions which we normally would not live with a typical narrator. For those interested, the audio version of Journey to the Heart shall be released early 2014.

Blaire explains; “I began doing voice over and audio book narration when I was five years old.  In recent years, I’ve narrated children’s books, including the Rip Squeak series, as well as a number of documentaries. As I do when working on stage, when narrating I let the story fill me, and feel my job is to communicate the truth of each moment.  I know that if it doesn’t feel true to me, it won’t feel true to the audience.  If I do it right, then the listener travels the same road as the character, and her journey becomes theirs. ”

Lucina’s journeys will suddenly sound like a whole new world with Blaire’s enchanting and deep voice!


  • Linda Banks Posted January 19, 2014 3:49 pm

    The trilogy is already incredible as it is, but with such a well-known narrator, these books will fly off the shelf! I cannot wait to hear Blaire’s voice and follow along in my books. This series is going to be on Oprah one day soon, mark my words.

  • Roger Temecula Posted November 7, 2013 4:24 am

    Can’t wait to hear this book brought to life by Blaire Chandler!

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