Working with Water: Sacred Rituals

Working with Water: Sacred Rituals

A few years ago, I gave conferences in Montreal regarding the healing properties of natural spring water. I was fascinated by the reports of people drinking natural spring water and claiming that many of their illnesses vanished or greatly improved just by drinking such water. Scientists analyzed these special waters around the world, such as the waters of Tlacote, Mexico and Nordenau, Germany, where people line up and patiently wait to have their bottles filled. In Tlacote there are up to ten thousand people in line every day who want to return home with a sample of this magical water! Japanese scientist and researcher Masaru Emoto, author of the book The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves (2006), is one of the leaders in understanding the magical powers behind water. He observed that water reacted positively or negatively to words and music, leading him to claim that the two words which created the greatest changes in crystal water formations were love and gratitude. Emoto concluded that water is the gateway to transforming our realities if we learn to tap into its immense healing power.

After giving several conferences on water, I realized that tap water contained many chemical substances, antibiotics, anti-depressants and low-vibrating energies. I began to be worried about how that affected my body, mind and spirit. I started to buy natural spring water (Eska in Quebec is the most alkaline I could find and the freshest), and would reprogram the spring water before drinking it and repeat words such as health, joy, love, compassion and gratitude. It did not take long before I started to feel changes happening in my body: more energy was circulating and I had less mental noise, better sleep, less anxiety and more joy. I shared my discoveries with friends and family who also began to change their water habits and to become more conscious of water’s incredible receptive nature.

In the years following my water awakening, I made it my mission to always reprogram water whenever I came across lakes, rivers, swimming pools or oceans. Before swimming I sit and connect with the water source, first by giving thanks to be able to be in contact with such a powerful force. I find that giving thanks when we first connect with an element in nature is a great door opener to other realms. After I visualize a lot of light in the water and start repeating healing phrases such as, “Thank you for your love,” “Thank you for your healing”, “Thank you for your joy”. Repeating words endlessly is not enough, we must connect with our hearts and let our heart energy mix with our words, creating true and lasting changes around us.

Also I place my hands in the water and let energy come out of my hands into the water source. All of us have healing energy that can come out of our hands, we just need to consciously activate it and let the Universe direct it. I usually like to leave my hands in the water source several minutes and let the Universe work through me to do whatever needs to be done in the water. During this moment, I take deep breaths from my lower abdomen and clear my mind of any negative or intrusive thoughts trying to wander in and spoil my work.

Then I will usually swim in the water source I have just connected with. As I swim, I fill my heart with a lot of joy and love, reminding myself that our bodies contain about 60% water. As we get older, we lose more water which has led scientists to believe that aging is actually closely tied to dehydration in our bodies. Hence we need to hydrate as much as possible to stay young and healthy. Also our planet is composed of 70% of water on its surface, and most of that surface is non-drinkable water because it comes from oceans. As I go over in my mind the importance of water, I always remind myself how blessed we are to have easy access to natural spring water which will certainly become more and more valuable as time passes. I can almost see how nations will fight over drinking water and access to it in the near future.

If water responds so well to words, the logical conclusion is that the water in our own bodies also reacts positively or negatively to words we speak daily. Instead of swearing and getting angry, we should be more careful about our words so that the water in our bodies maintains a high frequency as much as possible. Working with water actually translates to working with reality because water is everywhere: it is in our bodies, on our Earth, in our food, in the air we breathe. I encourage everyone to become more conscious of the power we have over our reality and the words we speak and how these words shape everything around us. When we live in harmony with water, we live in harmony with ourselves and all of life!

(As published in InnerSelf Magazine August 2016)

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